Received from our past knowledge and experience of our past, strong partnerships, qualified human resources and innovative approach, combining the companies to be among the most popular carpet manufacturer of Gaziantep.

In the year 1973, the Reis Carpet is founded in
Gaziantep city which has a rooted tradition in the
SouthEast Anatolia region of Turkey. The bases
of the company is established by
Mr. Sabri Karayiğit. On these dates, small-scale
productions continued, and after that, he and his
sons established the first steps of the strong
formation in the year 1988.

As the production process, Reis Carpet is taken
the own place by self-production yarn, with all
traditional and modern technical equipments,
best usage of the weaving system on the
machine made carpet market which has carpets
and wall to wall carpets.

Reis Carpet represents its products which are
produced by the help of technological conditions
and in high quality dependable and aesthetic
and in worldwide shops, to its customers'
appreciation by taking customers' needs and
wants into consideration.

Reis Carpet With Figures :
* 220 workers,
* 28.000 sqm open, 23.000 sqm closed area
* 330.000 sqm carpet production per month
* 450 tonnes of yarn production per month
* 100% export


Sabri Karayigit
Honorary President
Mustafa Karayigit
President of the Board
Okkes Karayigit
Member of the Board
Serkan Karayigit
Member of the Board